Super B

UX Design // Advertising


Super B is a burger app where you can order online and also get it delivered to your location. It establishes trust with engaging and smooth user experience by means of uniquely designed super-modernist mobile platform. The goal of the service is to eliminate daily time stress and add an easy-to-use experience. In order to create a better solution, I first needed to better understand the user and their problem.

Our Route

In order to achieve the goal, I have conducted the following steps:

- Conducted polls among the people who use online food ordering in their daily life to extract the issues of existing apps.
- Made several user testings during the project creation (on the group of people who order food in their daily basis) to make sure the experience created is straightforward and easy to understand for average users.
- Analyzed the UX of food ordering processes and brainstormed ideas that can enhance the current flows in existing services.
- Made the cards comparison with other apps.
- Developed unique branding that reflects the company’s main goals, strategy, and covers audience’s needs.

1. Brand Strategy and Research

- Meet the Market

- Learning & Insights

2. Interface

- Sketching Solution

- Low Key Wireframes

- High Key Wireframes

- Iconography

- App Icon Color

3. Advertising

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