Spotify Amplify

Moments. Made to be shared.

This is an innovative solo project born from my creative vision that could drastically benefit Spotify and the social music industry that we know today. This is how!

Music brings

people together.

We've all felt the power of music, but what if you could amplify that power by connecting with others who share your passion? With Spotify Amplify imagine the joy of discovering a hidden gem and instantly sharing it with your musical soulmates, or reliving unforgettable memories through the songs that defined those moments.

Amplifying the user
experience for Spotify.

Amplify brings people together, creating a vibrant community of music enthusiasts within the app. Where you will be able to connect with friends, explore their playlists, and dive deep into their musical tastes. Discover new genres, artists, and tracks through personalized recommendations based on your friends' listening habits. Unleash your inner DJ by curating collaborative moments with your pals, creating the ultimate musical experience.

So, say goodbye to the days of simply listening to music alone. Get ready to Amplify your Spotify experience, connecting, sharing, and immersing yourself in a world of music like never before. Whether you're jamming out with friends or discovering new tracks with the global music community, Amplify transforms Spotify into your ultimate social music destination. Get ready to experience the power of music, amplified.

Benefits for Spotify.

Global Approach
Spotify Moments provides the flexibility to be applied across a worldwide audience, enabling users everywhere to bring music and memories together in one place – the Spotify app. Moments can be shared internationally, enabling distanced friends and family to experience your moments with you through the power of music.

New Experiences
By branching into a new space with Spotify Amplify,Spotify has the opportunity to successfully integrate themselves into their user’s lives on an emotional and social level. Through this innovative approach to the role music plays in our lives, Spotify will be ahead of the competition, becoming the best music streaming service for users.

Increased Engagement
Spotify Amplify offers users a unique and personalised experience, providing them with an additional way to engage with the Spotify app and other users, enabling them to build a deeper connection with friends and artists alike. Push notification share integrated into the feature, further encouraging users to engage with the app and spend increased time browsing the content.

Potential Income
In addition Spotify Amplify, through working with partners and the Spotify Moment Codes feature, could also generate income. Partners would work alongside Spotify to develop their own Moment Codes for specific events. These could be scanned before the event to create buzz, excitement and promote it, aided by push notifications, or after an event to enable users to relive their experience and encourage them to join the same or similar events again.

Current non working features

Some of the current non working features Spotify has are: Users need to share on a third party app, which interrupts and disconnects the listening experience

The mobile experience.
Listen and socialize. In perfect harmony.

Sharing Daily Moments

What about instead of leaving Spotify to share music we could be able to share it inside the app? With Daily Moments you will be able to share 24hr moments of the music you would like your friends and followers to listen so they can discover new music.

Friend Activity

Ever wondering what your friends are listening to? With friends activity you will be able so send and receive direct messages as well as being able to see what your friends are listening to on Spotify while they are online.

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